Anders Olsson   Family gatherings
Anders Olsson was born in 1820 in Grythytte county. In 1851 he moved to Linde county. He was one of the owners of Gusselby mine and also possessed a great deal of land in that part of Sweden. He died on the 10th of July 1891 and was buried in the Cederborgska cemetary in Lindesberg.

Anders Olsson was described as a rather thin man, but of good looking. He was also said to be a very peaceful person, in contrast to his wife, who was a woman with quite a show of temper. Besides from being a mineowner, Anders Olsson was a businessman, a builder and a juryman. He was also the owner of a large hardwareshop. He was frequently consulted in economic and financial matters by the people in the area. He even had a special reception for them in saturdays.

Anders Olsson loved to sing and play, both in church and in his home. For some reason his wife didn´t like his playing on the violine too much, according to the tellings of their son, so one day she just threw it into the fire! Anders Olsson lived för 71 years and when he died he was the most wealthy man in the county.
Now, from history to modern time.Here is a short report from a meeting of the family society of Östanby.

"The meeting started at 5 pm and began with beautiful singing of one of the family-choirs, performing a tune of our great national poet, Evert Taube. Both formal matters and forthcoming meetings of the association were discussed.
Before dinner everyone was gathered in front of the entrance of the manor hall, to have the familyphoto taken, as usual, by the same photographer as always before. In some way we all managed to say cheese at the same time and in the same direction once again, what a miracle!

After a long and wonderful evening, with singing and playing (even ancient swedish instruments) and gathering in our own "nostalgic room" we finally all got to bed...

For lunch on the following day we made a trip to an old railwaystation and were served our meal in old wagons! The family barbershop-singers did one of their sucessful performances, although this time without their special hats. But with that kind of charm, who needs a hat"

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